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" Transitioning from banking to joining a global giant like Amazon, and experiencing a 400% salary boost, feels surreal even now that I'm here. I couldn't have achieved this without Albano - it's as clear as that. He genuinely delivers results. "

— Adam Salters, Sr. Global Engagement Manager at Amazon

A Better Approach to Your Job Search

I totally get it! You’ve tried applying, referrals, courses, and coaching, but it’s been a bit of a letdown, hasn’t it? You don’t need more generic advice or those super long, expensive bootcamps in this crowded job market.

As a job seeker, you have zero time to waste.

What you need Is a proven method for successful applications, effective networking, more Interviews, and a lot more offers, all at an accelerated rate.

Offer in 11 weeks

" The best career coach I've worked with! Albano has a wealth of knowledge around the resume building / interview process. He takes you through each step, including the different ways in which interviewers ask questions, to ensure you aren't caught off guard under any circumstance. "

— Malaika S, Product Management at Google

How it Works

A step-by-step process custom to you paired with expert coaching that positions YOU as the top candidate

1. Custom Growth Plan

We start with a tailored development plan, recognizing your unique skills, background, and career aspirations. Each strategic step propels you forward, guiding efficiently toward professional objectives with precision and focus.

2. Resume Revamped

Next, we build a standout resume that highlights your strengths and background, perfectly tailored for your dream job. A resume that results in more conversations, not random applications.

3. LinkedIn Optimized

Then we optimize your profile and turn you into a networking machine. Get insider tips and strategies on increasing your visibility and propelling yourself to the top of recruiters' lists, while standing out from the competition.

4. Outreach and Networking

Dive in to copywriting strategies that make your emails and messages actually get responses from your target contacts. Build and leverage a powerful network that you can utilize for any opportunity you’re after!

Receive ongoing support

5. Interview Mastery

Evolve into a confident conversationalist with practical and detailed guidance on successfully navigating interviews at any stage. Learn strategies for common questions, from preparation to post-interview follow-ups.

6. Salary & Offer Negotiating

You might miss out on over $500,000 by skipping negotiations in your career. Let's ensure you don't—our tailored approach equips you with confidence, methods, and tactics for successful salary discussions, promotions, and career negotiations.

Who This Program Was Made For

This program is a great fit for anyone who is looking for their next non-coding role fast

This is for you if you are targeting

Product Management Roles
Program Management Roles
Marketing Roles
Customer Success Roles
Strategy Roles
Operations Roles
Tech Sales Roles
Engineering Roles

This is not for you if you’re targeting

Finance Roles
Cybersecurity Roles
Data Science Roles
DevOps Roles
Info Security Roles
Quality Assurance (QA) Roles
Technical Writing Roles
Content Management Roles
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Frequently Asked Questions

The core element around it is asynchronous coaching and support with no minimums and no maximum time limits. Essentially unlimited coaching. Hit record, tell me what you need, and I’ll get back to you with my best solutions. From there, we can get in conversation via text, audio, video, whatever works, and we’ll go from there.

You’ll also get access to all of the job search playbooks, which are essentially complete breakdowns of how to optimize each area of the process, including resume and applications, LinkedIn, networking and outreach, interviewing, and negotiating.

There’s weekly Q&A/office hour availability to further ask questions in real time. Right now it’s going to be once a week, but we could go to 2x a week very soon.

You also would get access to all templates and scripts for resume, messaging, and negotiating scripts to follow for when you get the offer.

No, definitely not a staffing company. Although I did start my career in recruitment.

The coaching programs were built with one goal in mind; to help you get you a job faster. The aim is to provide 10x the value. While education plays a big part in coaching, the primary focus is rapid execution. Aiming to leave as much theory out of the equation as possible and focus on taking action consistently. We work together actively to condense the learning curve to share what to do faster, so you can start getting results faster.

It all depends on how much action you can take in your individualized approach, and where you are starting off in your journey. Most clients have made progress and seen results in 6-8 weeks on average.

Immediately as long as there is availability.

None! All you need is a willingness to learn, and relentless ambition towards achieving your goal. Our programs focus on enhancing your existing skills, while building new role-specific ones that will serve you no matter what stage you are in your career journey.

Ongoing support is available via email, text, and video chat to answer any questions you may have. Reach out whenever! If you need additional 1:1 coaching calls on top of the chosen program, let me know!

You might be surprised to hear this, but Alza is actually a career coaching agency of one. This means you’ll work directly with me, founder of Alza. However, additional requests such as role /track-specific coaching is provided by partner coaches and industry professionals in the space.

Not at this time. Unlike the bootcamps that offer $0 starting point but end up taking tens of thousands out of your paycheck when you land any offer, I believe that you should keep every cent you make in your new offer. Each program runs on a simple, one-time investment model with add-ons as needed.

While I can’t guarantee an offer within a specified time frame (especially in the current tech market) Every effort we take is targeted at landing you in your dream role. Following a proven framework combined with an individualized plan that fits you, success is only a matter of time. Most clients see a massive return on their investment in only weeks of working together.

YES! What you’ll learn here especially as it pertains to social dynamics and perception are rooted in evergreen psychological principles that we can utilize to help you land your target role and opportunity. Since 2021, I have worked and successfully placed 255+ clients across the United States, UK, UAE, Turkey, Luxembourg, Spain, Czech Republic, India, Ukraine, and more while seeing on average a 40% in compensation compared to their previous role.

Nope, if you have one – that’s great! If you do not, it doesn’t matter because you do not need a degree to join any of our programs. Fun fact: you do not need a college degree to land a job at some of the biggest tech companies out there!

Absolutely! No set class times/dates. Learn when you can, how you want.

Pick whatever works best for you at the time of you joining. You can always upgrade/downgrade as needed through the different tiers.

Due to the high touchpoint quality nature of the coaching, there will be no refunds issued. With that said, the goal is to get you hired, so if you are not happy with the service you can pause or cancel anytime. We will work with you to get you a result as quickly as possible.

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